Must Love Crows

I used to hate mornings. Granted, I used to be chronically depressed and anxious and addicted to stuff that made sleeping all day a preferred activity.

But here we are present day, and I’m now a big fan of the AM. There have been a lot of changes that have led to my new-found love for it, however.

These days I am all about treating myself kindly. Because of that I’m excited to get up most mornings (most mornings = I’m human.) I’ve got a lot of different creative projects on the go that I’m excited about, plus, I’m way healthier than I used to be, and generally just feel better and am more optimistic about what each day might bring.

But there’s something else I use that helps me love the morning. I use it every day to help inspire me, light me up, and keep me focused on putting my health and wellness first.

Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner. 

I wake up, make a tea, and sit down to plan my day. And I don’t just focus on the stuff I need to get done: I focus on keeping my wellbeing at the top of the list.

The planner helps me put some thought into the purpose behind what I’m adding to my to-do list, rather than making it a race to get the most things done.

Now I know how many incredible things I can accomplish when I make wellness my top priority, not packing my schedule. And I also know the power of making sure I realign myself with how I want to feel throughout the day:

If I want to feel creative and peaceful, I need to meditate and do yoga (That’s a magical duo for me);

If I want to feel the opposite, I scroll social media (Fun fact: there’s a section called “Stop Doing” in the planner where I always put “scrolling social media”).

Back to to-do lists: the planner reminds me to ask questions about the tasks I’m putting on my list, Ie:

  • Does it really need to be done, or am I doing it because I think I have to?
  • Will it help get me where I want to get, health-wise?
  • Will it help me get where I want to get, career-wise?
  • Will it help me to feel proud/motivated/empowered?


The daily planner (there are weekly ones, too, which you can check out via the link at the end of this post) gives me the space to remind me to do normal stuff, like go to Costco for coconut milk (’cause it’s cheaper), while also reminding me to hone in on my wellbeing: If I’m not feeling up for the drive or the line-ups, I buy what I need locally.

The old me would have gone anyways and been miserable the whole way because my wellness never used to be at the forefront. The desire map planner reminds me to plan my day with my mental health and wellness in mind.

This planner is no joke. It’s practical and empowering, while also being really beautiful. Check it out:danielle laporte 2019 desire map planner - must love crows

It’s planning with how you want to feel in mind.

Your feelings are important. If you follow them (the ones that make you joyful, not ragey) they’ll lead you in the optimal direction. The desire map planner helps you do that.

And it’s got some cool extras. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • the astrological section;
  • the monthly check-in pages (where I can reconnect with my goals for the year or adjust them if needed);
  • a weekend section where I can reflect on how the week went (siphon out the lessons = me every day) and envision for the coming week;
  • the monthly calendar view, so I know when the next full moon is, which isn’t just nice to know, but necessary:

ME: “Why do I feel so unsettled?Checks calendar.Ohhh. It’s Mercury retrograde. I think I’ll declutter my house now and stop beating myself up for feeling so vulnerable.

I’ve never seen any other daily planner like this on the market. If I were Oprah I’d give it to everyone I knew for Christmas. But instead, I’m going to order one for myself, before the one I want sells out, and suggest that you do the same.

Plan how you want to feel using the 2019 Desire Map Planner by Danielle Laporte.*



*I am a proud Danielle Laporte affiliate and make a small commission off of sales made through the aforementioned link, which I use to buy almond milk london fog’s at the local coffee shop.