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resource naomi crain life coachI came to know Naomi quite randomly, but magic was at play.

See it was synchronicity, that I would find a link to her site on a client’s Facebook page.

She was looking for beta-testers for her “Making Peace With Pain” Course.

And I just thought, why not? I’m in pain. I could use some assistance. So I submitted my name. Two weeks later I was accepted into the course.

Long story short, that course drastically change my life. With her help, I was able to face  all the things I had been running from since a teen. Some big time, huge ass issues that I was scared shitless to face were faced. It was incredible and life changing and just overall life altering stuff.

Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today, writing for Huffington Post, working with international health and wellness clients, and actually loving the person I see in the mirror every day.

She helped me learn to love who I am. And I will be forever grateful to her for her generosity and passion for helping people make peace with their pain.

So without further adieu, please do yourself a huge favour and check out her site, Naomi Crain Coaching.

Particularly the section listing her life coaching and classes.

If you have any questions about my experience with her, I’m an email away via

Here’s to finding peace and becoming the best versions of ourselves through physical and emotional healing.