Must Love Crows

I initially heard about Anthony William, the Medical Medium, through a podcast. I was super fascinated by what he had to say at the time, but I wasn’t ready to go there yet, and by go there, I mean dig into one of his books.

Which is strange because I had a lot of health issues going on, the most notable and debilitating of which was equal parts intense depression and anxiety.

But Insight: We all have our own growth schedule, and oftentimes, we have to revisit an idea or theory a few times over before we actually get on board and put it into action. So instead of buying one of his books, I decided to start following him on Instagram.

I was super inspired by how generous he was in sharing information. He would, and still does, offer condensed chapters from his books to his followers. He also shares real-life accounts of Insta-folks who recovered from true medical mysteries with the help of his eating and supplement suggestions.

But still, I didn’t buy the books, no until the day I received an email from one of my favorite spiritual seekers and writers, Danielle Laporte. She mentioned she had put “read all the medical medium books” on her 2017 to-do list. And I thought, Well, if DL is that committed to the Medical Medium way, I’ve got to investigate this more. (She really is one of my faves.)

So I ordered Medical Medium – Thyroid Healing, and it changed my life.Healing From Depression And Anxiety, The Medical Medium Way - Must Love Crows

Since following the medical medium’s suggested eating plan my anxiety and depression levels have lowered substantially.

This is life altering for me because I’ve suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression since the age of 12. I’m talking sporadic episodes of comatose on the couch depression, and can’t-leave-the-house-because-I’m-terrified anxiety on a regular basis.

I was medicated for over 20 years, and nothing my doctors gave me helped. In fact, the drugs my doctors did give me – and I was on a lot of them – numbed me so badly that I often chose to use drugs and alcohol in order to actually feel something.

Full disclosure: I used drugs and alcohol because of the PTSD I suffered from as well. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the medications I was prescribed to stop feeling anxious and depressed were also a catalyst for me wanting to get wasted. I was totally void of feeling on those pills, and being the uber creative at heart that I am, was desperate to feel something. That’s not an anxiety and depression solution, that’s adding to the problem.

When I stick to the medical medium way of eating and living, I experience way less anxiety and depression symptoms.

To say I’m grateful to finally have found something that actually helps me is an understatement. A few more things to hive-five over:

  • Less brain fog, which means I’ve stopped putting things in weird places (Always an interesting recovery process. Still wondering where that necklace is though…)
  • No more acid reflux symptoms (I share my journey to healing from acid reflux here)
  • You know when you’re in the shower and wads of hair come out and you think, That can’t be good? I only see a few strands now.
  • My nails are super strong, the tips are naturally french white, and they don’t peel anymore. And they peeled for as long as I can remember.
  • No more toe fungus!
  • I experience way less panic type symptoms and social anxiety.
  • I sleep better.
  • I have more energy.
  • I’m happier.
  • I’m better at my job.
  • I’m kinder to myself and others.
  • I’ve gone from a size 28 waist to a 26 without feeling starved or malnourished. 🙂


While the physical changes are great, the best side effect of reading the Medical Medium books is how much my mental health has improved.

That’s why I’m going to suggest that if you experience anxiety or depression, or suffer from any type of mood disorder, you read these books.

There’s nothing to lose and plenty to gain in reading one with an open mind. There are three on the market right now, Thyroid Healing, Life Changing Foods, and Medical Medium.

PS: Liver Rescue is being released October 29th, 2018. ❤️

If you can’t afford to buy a book right now use the Medical Medium Instagram feed and as a knowledge base. There is a ton of free information on both to get you started. As I said, Anthony is very generous in sharing information.

It’s important that we acknowledge the connection between our mental health and the foods we eat. Take the time to read these books. What you learn will empower, motivate, and inspire you.

If you have any questions about my experience I’m an email away: