Must Love Crows

I’ve been taking a business course lately that’s been challenging me to figure out what my strengths are.

I already had a bit of an idea. Writing is a solid contender, I’m a good public speaker, and I have an unlimited amount of empathy.

But it’s not all about what I think, which is good because oftentimes I forgo focusing on my strengths to attend to all the ways in which I think I’m not good enough.

I’m sure you can relate. Negative self-talk is an epidemic, and we’re all hoarding a pile of shitty beliefs about ourselves.

So it’s been an enlightening process to get outside my own head and reach out to other people and ask them what they think my strengths are.

I didn’t have a ton of people I felt comfortable asking, and to be real, I was super uncomfortable with the entire process. But it ended up being super empowering and surprising.

Particularly when I was tasked with taking the taking the StrengthsFinder test.

I took a personality test years ago while interviewing for a job I didn’t want. It was painful, and I didn’t even get copies of the results.

But this test was different. I ended up with a detailed description of what my strengths were.

And I gotta tell you, it surprised me. 

To go from constantly researching and dissecting the ways I felt I needed to improve myself (self-improvement obsessed human right here) to the process of celebrating my individual strengths was pretty powerful.

Full disclosure, I got emotional: it was that empowering. 

And it was a really smart business move. I pay a lot of money for therapy twice a month so that I can be well and capable of helping other people be well. This 20 dollar test was just as rewarding as my last hour-long session – if not more.

I’ve been pretty fascinated as of late with reviewing the other document I received, which offers ideas of how to use my top 5 strengths to my advantage. Some really fantastic information there that is well worth the 20 or so minutes it takes to do the test.

I recommend this test to anyone. It’s a great catalyst towards looking at yourself in a more positive light.

Amp yourself up by redirecting the focus from your deficiencies to your strengths.

Figuring out what your strengths are can help you choose a career that you thrive in. And it can save you from feeling perpetually inadequate in trying to be great at things that just aren’t a good fit for your personality.

Because there’s nothing wrong with accepting that you can’t be great at everything.

So find your strengths by doing the StrengthsFinder test.