I’m freaking out about this book I just read.

It’s the first one I’ve read from start to finish in a long time. Meaning, I didn’t switch to other books while reading it.

It’s also the first self-help book that didn’t have me shaming myself for what I was or wasn’t doing to better myself.

I think most self-help books exist and were created to actually help. Of course, there are always people who are just in it for the bucks or to be relevant.

But my experience is I often get this not-good-enough feeling when reading them. Like there’s something wrong with me because the way the author is telling me to do things isn’t working for me.

To me, this new book by Danielle LaPorte is so opposite of all that. It’s all about accepting our humanity, and realizing that accepting ourselves as is, is in and of itself a spiritual act.

I love it. 

Talk about freeing. Because it’s emotionally and spiritually stifling to consistently consider the belief that you are never doing or being enough.

Happiness is a state we pursue. And I’m no stranger to that pursuit. But this book has kinda given me some room to breathe.

It’s confirmed my suspicions that I just gotta let it all go sometimes and take a break from evolving.

‘Cause the pursuit of emotional and physical evolution is hard work.

It’s kinda paradigm shifting, this idea of taking a break. I have had so many people, myself included, tell me over the years to relax or take a break from something.

But I never transferred that suggestion over to the pursuit of improving. I didn’t think it was OK to take a break from that.

But gaawwwdd does it feel good to take a bloody break from self-betterment!

So that’s my #1 take away from this book at the moment, but there are heaps more great insights to be had.

And because of that I not only think but know I will read this book again. But I’ll take some time to let it all sink in and instead, recommend this book to you, my fellow wellness-inclined friends.

Check out White Hot Truth.