I was hesitant to start sending out newsletters because I didn’t want to contribute to the mass amount of emails people get bombarded with.

But then I started getting messages from people who had read my writing and wanted to know more about how I turned my life around.

And let me tell you, I really did turn it around.

I learned how to stop hating myself, which motivated me to rid myself of addictions to toxic substances and commit my life to eradicating toxic thoughts.

This was and continues to be no easy feat. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult depending on the day, because I’m human.

But I’m learning invaluable lessons about mental health, emotional healing, relationships, anger, fear, jealousy, depression, anxiety, nutrition, forgiveness and self-care. Which is why I decided to start sending out newsletters that answer the question, “How do I get better?

I share stories and insights from my struggles and my triumphs with people who are interested in learning how to heal.

And I offer suggestions on how to not just feel better, but how to get better.

So for real-life revelations on how to be well  – sign up below.