newsletter must love crows

Hey friends,

I’m often so busy writing newsletters for clients that I don’t give much thought to my own.

But that time has come to an end, because I know from experience that we all need a reminder to put ourselves first. Also, I’ve been getting some really cool messages as of late asking me what I did to turn my life around.

These newsletters are going to answer that question.

So starting very soon, I’m going to begin sending out the occasional newsletter, and each one is going to be all things supportive, motivating, inspiring and uplifting.

I’m going to share health and wellness resources that have been working for me as of late. That means books, products, influencers, and experiences (to name a few) that have made me feel better and helped me find some peace, which is the only way to be truly productive in this life.

You might be thinking I should just add it to my resources section. But if I did that for every single thing I loved it would become my full-time job, and things would start to look pretty scummy around this little abode of mine. 🙂

So that’s what’s happening newsletter wise. I’d love for you to sign up. If you think someone you know could use some uplifting and inspiration, please send them this way: The more the merrier.

Let’s build a community based on supporting one another and a commitment to health and wellness.

I welcome any suggestions for newsletter content so please email me if you’ve got a question or an idea for me.