Must Love Crows

I kinda got into the whole faux brow thing last week.

Before you start thinking I look like Bert and Ernie (you know – with the crazy cartoon brows) let me assure you this is not the case.

And actually, the whole thing is entirely not my fault – it’s that damn make up artist at the Mac Counter (Apparently my deflection game is strong today lol.)

I went there repeating in my head “I only need an eye shadow. I only need an eye shadow.” My brother’s wedding is in two weeks (check out his Instagram it’s pretty cool) and I just thought it made for a good reason to pick up a new hue for the lids.

why im now into faux brows but not the cartoony kind 1

when you plan to buy one eyeshadow and end up with this…

Needless to say, I got much more than one eye shadow. And I’m trying to justify it as being necessary for the wedding, but let’s be real: I don’t need any more makeup. Except for mascara, which I completely forgot to buy. Oh well.

So yeah I bought a bunch of stuff, and I got all Gollum-y when I got there. I felt kind of naughty but at the same time amped the f*** up about all the pretty things I could take home with me. Definitely comfort buying.

I think my need for comfort in that moment (heck – quite a bit as of late) had a lot to do with all the cool new stuff happening in my life right now career wise. When new, unknown experiences come about I tend to crave comfort. So yeah, I’m going to admit that my purchase was one hundred percent a comfort purchase. Even though in the end, there’s nothing comforting about overspending.

What can I say? I’m still working on myself. Still making choices that aren’t perfect, and still learning from them. But hey: at least it wasn’t a bottle of prosecco and a pack of smokes right? (Check out my latest Instagram post here, where I talk about mourning the loss of old forms of comfort, among other things.)

Back to the brows. I let the makeup artist fill them in, with the stern warning that I wasn’t into looking like I had porn mustaches over my eyes. (I swear, 20 years from now all the girls who are doing that are going to be wondering what the hell they were thinking with those faux furry accessories. Just like I did when I realized I dressed like a sexy hobo for part of my youth.)

why im now into faux brows but not the cartoony kind 2

veluxe brow liner from MAC cosmetics

So this eyebrow pencil she used, called Veluxe Brow Liner, was very impressive. Pencil on one end, and a brow brush on the other. Simple yet effective. And relatively fool-proof (you just gotta keep it in the lines.)

What I liked so much about this tool was that it wasn’t too dark. My hubby used to give me shit for drawing in my brows, because whenever I did they were so intense looking. The color was too dark. But with this one he actually complimented my faux brows when I came home. Progress ladies!

So you just draw them in a bit and even them out with the brush. It was so easy and I was super impressed with the results.

why im now into faux brows but not the cartoony kind

me with faux brows

As you can tell, nothing cartoony going on. Still look like me, I just have a bit more brow going on. Which is why I’m now a draw-in-your-brows-a-little-bit chick. And I have zero shame about it. 😉

The overspending on makeup? Not so proud of that. But as I tell the hubby when I’ve bought something above and beyond the budget, “It will last forever Ken!”

Because makeup lasts forever right? Yeah, that’s BS. Case in point, my mascara situation. I’m using my sample stash for now. But to be honest, now that I’ve embraced tight lining (read about it here) I don’t use mascara as much as I used to. Regardless, probably could have added that to my last shopping spree, but I’ll be super mature and responsible (ha!) and wait till my next invoice get’s paid.

So ladies – here’s to lovely brows and staying within budget! (Oh and here’s a link to the eyebrow pencil again. You’re gonna love it!) 😉