Must Love Crows

I grew up on Vancouver Island, which in my opinion, is one of the loveliest places in the world.

Even if it does rain a fair bit in the winter, I couldn’t and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Though I didn’t always have such a healthy appreciation for it…

I acquired a heavy load of quintessential teenage angst around 14 that had me moaning and groaning about how boring it was. I wanted some excitement in my life, and growing up on acreage in a small town called Qualicum Beach didn’t fit the bill.

If you didn’t get to the video store by 7 pm, the three channels the antennae on our TV spottily provided were all we had to entertain us technology wise. I dreamed of a life of excess and excitement: fast cars, fashion, and makeup, and experiences that were otherworldly compared to what was offered in the sleepy semi-retirement town I grew up in.

But the island was still an extremely beautiful place to grow up.

I fondly remember trips to Cameron Lake, adventures at the river with our dogs, and the fun times had at the public beach, called “Four poles” by locals.

Qualicum was the best place to be in the dead of the summer. Even thinking of all the memories now makes me a little bit emotional, as there were some genuinely joyful moments over the years.

I am grateful for those experiences.

I moved away at 19 with a boyfriend, which in hindsight, was a pretty ballsy move as we hadn’t been together that long. But it was my way out of Qualicum, and a chance to live in the city. Thus began the start of an 8-year quasi-adult experience, living, working, and going to school in Calgary, Alberta.

But I missed the island.

And I missed my family and my cats, and my friends. And all the greenery.

And the ocean – oh how I missed the sea.

What has continued to evolve and intensify with each day since I returned 10 or so years ago is my extreme appreciation for this wildly beautiful place I call home. Smelling the ocean outside, and hearing birds instead of random dudes yelling in the alleys of sketchy apartment buildings is a welcome change.

I used to crave the unknown of the city – the excitement of all the what ifs and the opportunities to get crazy out on the town.

Now I relish in my somewhat reclusive daily existence which includes waking up and walking in the grass and reading a book during my breaks from writing, with the ocean as a backdrop.

One of the things I do daily, on top of the grass walking and appreciating all this extreme beauty I’m surrounded by, is chug green drinks.

OK so I don’t toss them back like I used to attempt to do with beer (I was never good at that – glad I gave up trying), but I do drink them daily because I’m obsessed with self-care.

Basically, if it’s good for me, and plant-based, I’ll eat it or drink it.

So I’m often at the local health stores, picking up necessities and perusing all the products. I have since stopped my obsession with vitamins though – After some self-reflection and seeing a naturopath, I quit my daily regimen of excessive pills, and am now living a more minimalist life when it comes to supplements.

Instead, I focus on food as medicine, which is how I got to know about Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary.

It started with a green drink. My hubby and I were both drinking the same one until I realized just how much sugar was in it (sweetest one on the market.) So when I came across the unsweetened Green Power Blend by Harmonic Arts I was sold.

And then I came across their superfood upgrade powders shortly thereafter and was hooked on those as well.

I had been spending a lot of money on smoothies at a local shop (12 bucks a pop for one of those to-go drinks really adds up.) So one day I thought, Gee, I could make these myself with the harmonic arts stuff and save some serious coin.

Which is what I did, and now I’ve got a little bit of a superfood blend collection going on:

vancouver Island living and my favourite super food blends - must love crows

These products have some great uses, one being an addition to smoothies. I put a scoop in whatever my concoction of choice is and blend away.

And they can also be used with tea or mixed into a milk alternative. For example, my latest morning ritual consists of mixing the Mucuna with hot water, almond milk, and a bit of honey. It’s got matcha in it, so it’s a suitable alternative to my usual black tea, which I’ve cut out in order to better manage my anxiety. This matcha mix works well as it gives me a sense of wellbeing and calm alertness, whereas black tea just get’s me jacked up in all the wrong ways.

So what’s the moral of the story? Self-care by way of superfood blends is a good thing (did I just steal Martha Stewart’s line?) especially when they are relatively inexpensive like these ones are. (They even sell single-use samplers so you can try it out before buying a bigger bag like these ones. That’s how I first started trying them.)

Which is why Harmonic Arts Superfood Blends are a welcome addition to my daily self-care practices. One that goes quite well with my low-key yet wouldn’t-have-it-any-other-way lovely Vancouver Island lifestyle.

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