Must Love Crows

The hunt for a great body lotion is always on for me.

I have sunk a lot of cash into “this will do for now” lotions over the years. Partly because I lived in Calgary, AB, for a spell.

It’s dry as hell out there people. I went there last February to visit my aunt and as soon as I walked off the plane it was like full reptilian mode with my skin. Not to mention my sinus issues. Why did I live there for so long again?

I didn’t live there for a spell either, it was close to ten years, and I don’t miss it one bit. I wasn’t happy while I lived there.

I know we are where we are because of all the mistakes we’ve made etc, but I do wish I had left earlier. Not so that my life would be different now, but because I wish that I had had enough self-love to realize I could change things if I was miserable. (I have a piece on the Huffington Post that talks about continuing to do something even though you are suffering. Check it out here.)

So yes, I stayed there longer than I would have liked and while I was living there I was always looking for new products to help my parched skin. Fast forward to present day, and I’m living in a town overlooking the ocean with plenty of moisture. Life is good!

But since I’m now in my later 30s, my skin is dry more often than not, even with the moisture dense air blowing in my face all day.

the best body lotion ever lifestyle must love crows

And I’m not keen on racking up my visa card trying to find good skin care, alas 2005 Andrea who had a serious spending problem. So these days I make my own face oils, partly to save money, and partly so I know what ingredients are in them.

Then I can buy high-quality night cream guilt free (Eminence is one of my faves) to layer on top. Because I can’t be using much face oil during the day or my hand would slide right off my head every time I take my hand-to-forehead-deep-thinking pose. (The struggle is real people!)

And while DIY face oil works well for me, DIY body lotion does not. I haven’t made a lot of them, but the ones I have made were super greasy, and got all over my clothes and stained them.  And I didn’t dig the scent (I found cocoa butter to be quite overpowering.)

Plus it’s a process, of which I just don’t have time for these days. I’m getting ready to launch a new product and weekly newsletters and blog posts take time to write.

But to be real, I’m just not that into the whole process anymore. I spend my spare time doing what I like, and the whole DIY-body-lotion thing doesn’t appeal to me right now. It’s kind of how I feel about camping these days. It’s a lot of work, and I have zero shame about taking the easy route when I can.

the best body lotion ever lifestyle must love crows

Enter Rocky Mountain Soap Co Body Lotion. My friend Angie researched it and found it to be a great non-toxic option, so we ordered together. Because then we save on shipping and have another reason to get together in the coming weeks. 🙂

I love it. We both got the Vanilla Coconut one, and even though it smells strong coming out of the pump, once you put it on your body it’s not at all, which is strange but lovely all at once.

Plus it’s 87% organic and Canadian, which are both wins in my book (because who doesn’t love a Canadian, right? 😉)

And I did the overnight test last night – slathered it on before bed (a little goes a long way) and woke up sans leather skin (OK fine, my skin doesn’t look like leather. But it does get a bit scaly looking, so I’ll go with the reptilian reference again.)

I’m stoked on this product. It’s fantastic. Hence why from this day forward, Rocky Mountain Soap Co Body Lotion shall be the lotion I use. Can’t wait to try other scents as well, but for now, I’m going to enjoy the vanilla coconut version.

Oh and breakfast. Must remember to eat.

Psst! I don’t make money when you click these links. I just love the product and wanted to share. 😉