Must Love Crows
trails in ruckle park on salt spring

Ruckle park on salt spring island.

I recently went on a micro-holiday to Salt Spring Island and it was fabulous. There’s something about the prospect of no dishes or laundry or work for one day and night that really lights a girl up.

Here’s a map in case you have no clue where Salt Spring is, and here’s some back story to why I love it so much:

Salt Spring has grown near and dear to my heart, thanks in part to the fact that my great, great, great-grandmother owned an island off of it called Russell Island. Over the years we’ve come to know more her story through some books (here’s one) which is both fascinating and impressive.

Her name was Maria Mahoi, and she was of Hawaiian and First Nations decent. She lived and raised her children on Russell Island, which is a quick boat trip from Fulford Harbour. Lot’s of history there, to say the least.

ferry ride to salt spring island

The ferry ride over.

Years after her passing the island was sold to some Americans. As the story goes, the taxes were too high and no one could or was willing to pay them. Sometime later the Canadian government bought it back and established it as a national park.

Since the home Maria lived in still stands and is filled with family heirlooms, the government asks family members to act as guardians during the summer months, as there are lots of tourists that visit. My mom goes every year and I try to as well. Taking the ferry to Salt Spring is part of the process.

But this time we took the ferry, Salt Spring was our final destination. We spent one night and two days exploring the lovely town, parks, restaurants, and shops. Just for the heck of it.

It was amazing. I really love it over there. Good vibes, great people. And I was able to sleep! Anytime I get a solid REM cycle I’m stoked.

First off was Fulford Harbour for lunch. There’s a kick ass restaurant called The Rock Salt Restaurant and Cafe. It’s not a super fancy place, but the food is spectacular.

fulford harbour on salt spring island

Views of Fulford Harbour.

After that we did at bit of shopping, (OK I bought another scarf which I don’t need) and then took the short drive over to Ruckle Park.

I love ruckle park. It was my first time there and it was just so amazing. The views, and the fact that part of the walk is covered by trees so we didn’t get too much sun was perfect (baking in the sun for hours is not my jam anymore.)

Apparently they have camping there too, which I had no idea about because I DON’T CAMP. Honestly, I’m not a spoiled brat, (seriously guys, I’m not – OK maybe sometimes I am.) I just find the whole camping thing extremely exhausting and way too much work. This trip was supposed to be a holiday away from work, so yeah, cool campgrounds, but no dice for me.

camping in ruckle park on salt spring

Campsites in ruckle park.

We took a leisurely walk through the park, while I snapped pictures and made a crack about watching your liquor intake if you camped at these places (straight into the brink, arrrr!). We didn’t walk the whole thing because we were a little tired and I was sore, thanks to the 21-day glute program I’m on (It’s all about having the perfect, huge ass these days. Who knew that was going to become a thing?)

Our timing was perfect because after that it was time to check into our hotel, the Harbour House, which even though it was under construction, and a bit of an eye sore from the outside, had great rooms. Brand new everything.

And then we were getting ready to eat again because despite my size I love to eat. Food is my passion as you will find out soon, as I begin to add my favorite dishes and restaurants to this lifestyle section. Anyhow, we took the front desk clerk’s recommendation and went to The Salt Spring Inn.

Wild salmon with local greens at salt spring inn restaurant.

Another fantastic meal with exceptional service, with the added bonus of a baby who smiled ear to ear at us intermittently, and a puppy which was equal parts delightful to look at, even if he did yelp half the time. And yes I took a picture of my meal because it was awesome.

Don’t ask me about the nightlife as I was in bed by 8 pm (I have no shame about it either!) But I was up early the next morning and ready to head to Salt Spring Coffee (best coffee shop ever?) for a london fog and a gluten free, dairy free muffin that was quite good and had me wondering if it truly was lacking all those things. Whatevs. I ate it.

We followed that up with a walk around town, and breakfast at the Tree House Cafe, where you dine on a patio with a huge tree growing out of it. Very cool.

pear tree on the dock salt spring island

Couple other cool items to share: a pear tree that grows out of the ground below the dock, right beside the ocean. There were so many pears growing on that sucker. What a weird location for it to love!

And I got a super cool west coast-y cardigan from a store called Salt, which is this cool little lifestyle boutique with clothing made in Vancouver. Loved it. Will definitely be checking that place out again. And picked up some earrings and new art for my office from the art gallery. As you do if you’re into that kinda thing. lol.

So all in all, it was a lovely little trip, and I highly suggest you make it over there if you ever get the chance. Really good vibes as I said earlier and lot’s to see and do.

salt clothing salt spring islandFor me, it was a welcome break from work and the  monotony of house-work. I’m glad I just went for it and took a day and a night off from the grind.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do. But I’m realizing that refreshing the mind by way of getting out of the house is one of the most productive things I can do for myself.

Now I’m back to work, blasting out some blog posts and newsletters for some clients, and getting ready for my brother’s wedding in the Okanagan in a few weeks. Feelin good!

Until next year Salt Spring! I miss you already!