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Medical Medium – Thyroid Healing by Anthony William

I learned about the Medical Medium, Anthony William, a year or so ago through a podcast.

While I was fascinated by what he had to say, I wasn’t ready to really go there yet. And by go there, I mean dig into one of his books.

Here’s the deal: We all have our own growth schedule. And oftentimes, we have to revisit an idea or theory a few times over before we actually get on board and put it into action.

So I started following him on Instagram. He’s really generous at sharing information on there, at times offering condensed chapters from his books

He also shares real-life accounts from Insta-folks who recovered from medical mysteries through the help of his eating and supplement suggestions. 

But still, I didn’t buy the books. Until one day, when I came across an email from one of my favorite spiritual seekers and writers, Danielle Laporte.

In it, she mentioned that she had put “read all the medical medium books” on her 2017 to-do list. And I thought, well shit, if DL is that committed to the Medical Medium way, then I’ve got to investigate this more. (She really is one of my faves.)

So I ordered Medical Medium – Thyroid Healing, and it changed my life.

How so? Well for starters, since following his suggestions my anxiety levels have lowered substantially, as have my mood swings (the hubby cheers from the other room on that one.)

I’ve also got way less brain fog, which means I have stopped involuntarily placing things in odd places. Always an interesting recovery process. 😂

A few other random things to hive-five over:

  • No more acid reflux type symptoms (and I had severe symptoms – you can read about them here)
  • You know when you’re in the shower and wads of your hair comes out and you think, that ain’t right? I only see a few strands here or there now.
  • My nails are strong as hell. They don’t peel anymore and the tips are naturally french white.
  • No more toe fungus. (PS: no more 20 dollar pedicures. Yuck.)
  • I sleep better.
  • I have more energy.
  • I’m happier.
  • And, drumroll, please: I’ve gone from a size 28 waist to a 26 without feeling starved or malnourished.

While the physical changes are great, the best side effect of reading the  Medical Medium books is how much my mental health has improved.

Which is why I’m going to tell you that if you experience anxiety, depression or any type of mood disorder, you need to read these books.

There are three of them: Thyroid Healing, Life Changing Foods, and Medical Medium

If you’re on a budget (ain’t nothing wrong with that) check out his Instagram and – Lot’s of free information on both to get you started.

Happy reading/educating/healing! And if you have any questions about my experience I’m an email away: