Must Love Crows

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where the name Must love Crows came from. Here’s the answer:

I’m big on following my intuition, so when I was considering what to name my blog, and it came to mind in conjunction with the goose bumps, I snatched up the domain.

Plus, I really do love crows and have since a kid. It all began when my dad told me a story about his friend’s pet crow, Joey, who used to follow him to work everyday and sit on his window ledge in his office building in downtown Vancouver.

I loved picturing Joey flying through the city, keeping tabs on the guy’s car, and greeting him at work and at home. Pretty neat stuff.

Never mind the fact that last year my dad told the story again and said it was actually a raven. 😂 What can you do? Stories evolve as time passes.

On the logistical side, the name seemed like it would be easy to remember, too. But really, my intuition made the call.

So that’s the story behind the name. Head to the blog or resource section to read more.