Emotionally generous. Ferociously protective of my right to choose my health over pleasing others and going along with the crowd.

Advocate for self-care, sans shame. Figuring out how to be of service without sacrificing my well-being.

Learning to be self-positive. Knows that our dreams lead us to our truth. Lit-the-f***-up about shedding limitations, yet peppered with self-doubt at regular intervals.

Does not believe swearing suggests lesser intelligence or a lack of moral compass.

Sometimes requires a reminder that I am human and capable of making mistakes. Compassionate most of the time (again, human.) Frequently hopeful about life to the point of tears.

Willing to sacrifice feeling good in order to be good, but scared shitless of the process. Willing to set boundaries, yet terrified of the repercussions. (Ie: Being rejected.)

Aware of my addictions and unashamed of them. Compassionate towards other people’s addictions, but unwilling to enable them.





And even with imperfections – Whole.

Knows that our bodies are here to support us, not turn against us.

Knows that we are not defective, we are effective – but only when we accept all that we are, wrinkled beliefs and all.

Writer. Mental Health and Wellness Advocate. Part-time Poet. Wife. Fur Mom. Daughter.

This is Me.

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