Must Love Crows
The Issue With Expectations And A Poem - must love crows

We have deeply ingrained expectations of who someone should be in relation to who we are, and so often we are disappointed.

It can feel like a devout betrayal when someone doesn’t respond the way we want or believe we need them to. But in bringing expectations to our interactions we become our own saboteurs.

Our loved ones – including friends – are capable of not being capable of nurturing us. This does not make them bad people. Rather, it makes them human beings on their own journey, just like you and me.

It is incredibly easy to take the road most travelled – one filled with judgement and contempt – when other people aren’t capable of being who we want them to be.

It is much harder to come to a place of acceptance in realizing the necessity in releasing what you think you need from someone, and instead, accepting that this is all they are capable of.

At least right now.

 You Should Be

You should be able to do

What I think you need to do –

Mostly, Just be there for me.

But you just can’t

And I know it.

And I want to be generous

I want to understand that you don’t understand

But I’m so caught up in this hurt that we both got

I don’t know how


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