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On Writing, Goosebumps, and Doing What Lights You UpSometimes I create a piece of writing that gives me goosebumps.

I’m so sure that it’s going to connect with people and move through the 0’s and 1’s like a virtual rash (Maybe that was a bad analogy. Because I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a rash being good before.)

And that sucker goes nowhere. As in, minimal interaction on social media.

If something doesn’t move on social media it’s often looked at as bad, not-worthy-of-posting content. I mean we strive for movement when we market ourselves, particularly when we are trying to establish credibility in our field.

But sometimes all of that is just a big pile of whatever. And here’s why:

Being authentic, and striving to be ourselves doesn’t equal pleasing the crowds. It doesn’t mean everyone will connect with our message or our methods.

In fact, the only thing we are assured of when sticking to our guns and following the goosebumps is that there will be a lot of people scratching their heads at what we’re doing.

Assumptions will be made. There were a ton of ’em flung my way after I published my first piece on Huffington post.

When you put yourself out there, even when you feel like it’s the best thing you’ve ever written, you aren’t guaranteed accolades or recognition.

Not getting the approval you seek is scary territory. But you owe it to yourself to be you, and put that goosebump-inducing stuff out into the world. Even if it doesn’t make the rounds.

Just as you owe it to yourself to not take on the assumptions, doubt or shame that others might try to pin you with.

What am I saying? And why am I writing this? Because I think the world desperately needs you to be you.

Take the time, and make the time to do what lights you the f*** up.

And just because something doesn’t get liked or shared doesn’t mean it’s useless. Every artifact of you being you is magic.

With huge amounts of love,


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I'm Andrea, a writer, self-care advocate, and writing consultant with a drive to heal and help others.

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