Must Love Crows

I am a writing consultant for wellness service providers on the side. I add a bit of my magic to other people’s content, so it flows better and makes more of an impact.

I enhance the quality of wellness email offers and communications through the revisions I make.

It all started when a friend in the industry asked me to make some revisions to one of her offers before she sent it out. I realized I really liked doing it, and she really liked the results:

writing consulting reviews - andrea scoretz - must love crows

Then someone else asked me to help them, and I started thinking, “Maybe I should provide this service publicly? There are probably quite a few people who could use it.”

Survey says there are a lot of people who don’t need or want someone to write all their content for them, which is cool because I don’t want to write all your content. I did that for a while and realized it wasn’t my thing.

But people could use a bit of help making what they’ve come up with flow and sound better, which is something I really enjoy doing. 

I take what you write and make it better.

It’s not editing, it’s content revitalization. At least that’s what I’m calling it for now.

Click here to learn more and see an example of what I do.