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A writer and self-care advocate with a drive to heal and help others. You’re visiting my blog, Must Love Crows, and I’m really grateful you’re here!

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I started blogging in 2015 because of a feeling. I was in a very dark place in my life, which you can read more about here, and writing felt like something I needed to do.

I wrote a lot as a kid. Poetry, free verse, and personal essays with insights on life. I really, really loved it. But somewhere in my 20s, I stopped doing what I loved, which, though sad, now makes sense to me: If you don’t like yourself or value what you have to offer the world, why would you give yourself the gift of doing what brings you joy?

In the early days, every post was just me, riffing on life and trying to figure out how to process the pain and frustration I felt in trying to heal myself.

Full disclosure, some of those posts weren’t that great. As in, some of them would have been better suited as a journal entry, rather than posted on the internet. But I’m human, and I was trying to heal. Plus, there was the other end of the spectrum to consider, which was pretty amazing:

Some of my posts were really great; People were connecting with what I was sharing.

So I kept writing, and was eventually invited to become a Huffington Post blogger, had my writing featured in a magazine and a book.

As I’ve continued to educate myself and evolve on a spiritual, physical, and emotional level, I’ve refined the purpose of this blog:

To help people discover the power of self-care and self-love;

To inspire people to care for themselves on a physical, mental, and spiritual level;

To help people comprehend the necessity of commanding their need for daily self-care practices, with or without the approval of others.

First and foremost, I am a survivor. I healed myself of addictions that were killing me and beliefs that drove me to harm myself.

Through this blog, I share how I healed myself in order to help other people heal.

I really want us all to be well. I care deeply for everyone walking this planet, particularly those in pain, and I want to contribute to the healing of our society. I want to help release the fear that drives us to partake in so many unproductive and damaging activities in the name of escaping our discomfort.

I want to give back in all the ways I’ve been given the chance to live completely as I am, through the sharing of my stories, insights, research, and commitment to emotional healing and evolvement.

I share resources. I share posts. I connect with my readers over email a couple of times a month, and I give away free resources. 

And I’m happy to be here. I’m also happy you’re here and hope to connect with you soon.